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  • Exclusive agency of INTERRA smart house in Iran
  • SCHNEIDER smart home in Iran
  • The official representative of BERKER smart home in Iran

We believe that the technology makes life easier.


So accept our offer for the best technology in your building intelligence industry.

The highest level of quality and design

Kianik Smart Building Consulting Engineers Co., with its specialized staff and strong resume, offers the best and highest quality products in the field of smart construction (home automation, BMS, PMS) and building management in various types of buildings such as residential, towers, office, commercial, Hotels and hospitals, schools and government centers, etc.

Respecting the right of customers to choose and observing all the necessary standards, as well as maintaining the highest level of quality and unique design that is in accordance with the style of interior layout and exterior of the building, the company has provided its services to meet points such as type. The use of the building, urban planning issues and the amount of allocated budget will be a better choice on the part of customers, which will be one of the factors of success and competitive advantages of Kianik Company with other companies.

Valid certificate

It should be noted that the experts of this company have a valid certificate (KNX, INTERRA) and by providing appropriate usage strategies and the latest technology, along with collecting products from all over the world, complete a basket of high quality products to control the building in front of the door. Until the engine room, inside the rooms, the space and facade of the building with various designs and features are provided to dear engineers and employers.

Also, in order to provide more services to customers of other cities, this company has well-known representatives in the cities of Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz, Ardabil, Yazd, Qom, Karaj, Lavasan, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Mazandaran, Gilan, Bushehr and several representatives in Tehran. It has.

Increasing progress

INTERRA’s research and development team has made the highest progress in producing smart home products based on the highest standard (KNX) by employing experienced professionals and examining customer needs. INTERRA has improved the operation and level of engineering services by providing online services to its representatives all over the world, including Iran.

Houshmand Kianik Construction Company, the exclusive representative of INTERRA products in Iran, has held a seminar with the participation of international instructors and the presentation of certificates to its representatives.

KNX Partner Certificate

KNX Tutor Certificate/Managing Director

Certificate of CEO of Kianik Smart Building Company KNX tutor

(Sina Kianzad)

INTERRA Certificate

Interra Intelligence Exclusive Representative Document in Iran

KNX Tutor Certificate/CEO

Certificate of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kianik Smart Building Company

(Mitra Nick Ravesh)