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Due to the increasing price of energy and excessive pollution of fossil fuels, which is a serious threat to the environment today. The need to save energy and think about optimizing energy consumption in a building is more important than ever, so a building or structure should be designed to reduce energy consumption.
Optimizing energy consumption in buildings by adjusting building automation (BAS)
If one does not complain about the building being heated or cooled too much by the building automation system (BAS), it may be considered that the system is working well, while this may not be the case.
A closer look at BAS can provide a better understanding of how to optimize energy consumption in a building, the problems and factors that prevent it, and how to set BAS to minimize energy consumption.
Factors optimizing building energy consumption in (BAS)
A BAS system, in addition to providing more comfort and identifying problems with the heating system and air conditioning system, should be able to reduce energy consumption by about 30% if properly adjusted. Optimizing energy consumption in buildings is the result of measures taken to conserve energy in BAS, including:

• Turn on and off timed

• Optimal on and off

• Savings control

• Adjust hot and cold surfaces

• Variable air volume control

• Cooling selection

• Adjusting the temperature of cold water, condenser, hot water

• Limit demand

• Scheduled control of devices

بهینه سازی مصرف انرژی در ساختمان
بهینه سازی مصرف انرژی در ساختمان
بهینه سازی مصرف انرژی در ساختمان
بهینه سازی مصرف انرژی در ساختمان
بهینه سازی مصرف انرژی در ساختمان

B) People who build luxury buildings in the upper part of the city

In these buildings, smart systems have become a necessity and have become almost one of the necessities of the building, so that the customers of these units ask the manufacturer for a smart home system, and if the building does not have a smart system, it will be difficult to sell. Buildings must use intelligent systems and have the following priorities:

1. Product appearance

In these buildings, the appearance and luxury of the product are the most important priorities, because it should attract the attention of special customers of these units. In addition to the attractiveness of the product and the color scheme of the products, it should be chosen in such a way that the smart system is displayed on the wall. In the structure of smart systems, grade 1 material should be used, for example, glass, metal, or a combination of glass and metal.

So the first priority for this group of smart customers is the appearance and luxury of smart home equipment, which I fully justify in the smart meetings.

2. Special and new features

Another important priority for the smart systems of these buildings is their facilities, because the builders of these units are interested in providing new and more facilities to customers than other similar buildings, although sometimes most of these facilities may not be used, but eye discussion. And jealousy and jealousy make them look for more and more strange possibilities.

Of course, some features are very useful and can completely change the customer’s opinion of a unit, or if they are hesitant between two different units, the smart features of a unit make the customer choose the same unit.

3. Value added

According to the previous group of customers, this group of customers are also concerned about the value of their investment, but there is no need to worry because the group of smartening consultants in Isfahan will completely solve all your concerns.

From the point of view of the builders of these buildings, it is very important to create value for the smart product for the building and by choosing the right product, they can increase their building in terms of features and luxury appearance and increase the unit selling price and thus make it profitable. In fact, the product should have a higher value in terms of appearance and features than the price paid.


Another important priority in choosing a smart home system from the point of view of this group of manufacturers is the price of the desired product, which should not exceed the desired level, and of course the smart home system has a higher price for these buildings because the smart home system is inherently one. The system is expensive, and such buildings have large areas with a lot of equipment, which makes it more expensive to make them smarter.
So you have to choose a system with a reasonable price and in proportion to the project. In smartening consultation, the best package will be presented to you.

5-Product quality

These builders try to build branded buildings and present themselves as the builders of luxury buildings, so they don’t like to use quality products with well-known brands to get more and better customers, and that’s it. Introduce constructive customers to others.

6- Product service and warranty

The makers of luxury units believe that the customers of their units are special and busy people and would like to use products for their units that provide excellent and fast services that the owners do not have to worry about in terms of services and product warranty. Getting your day-to-day business up to date is one of the things that makes a good customer stand out from the crowd.
There are other priorities that are of lower importance, such as how to run and set up performance and function with the system, and so on.

Conclusion :

For this group of audiences, it is recommended to use well-known systems and well-known brands with acceptable quality, and to use luxury and stylish equipment, and if the price exceeds the desired level, some facilities can be used. It can only be considered as a forecast for the future and left it to the buyer of the unit. For example, the lighting system, heating cooling can be fully implemented, and for electrical curtains and sound, only equipment prediction can be prepared and only curtain keys can be used. And leave the engine and rail curtain to the unit buyer.

C) The third group of people who are building a luxury personal project

This audience is troubled because they build the building for personal use and try to use the best products because they are supposed to use the products themselves if they use a poor quality or bad product while living in the building. They get into a lot of trouble, so they have to choose the best product with high quality and the right user relationships. These people have different priorities than the other categories.

Kianik Group of Engineers, Smart Consulting in Tehran is also with this group of people to have the best choice based on their budget.

1- The quality of smart products

The first and most important priority for this group of people is the quality of the desired product, which should be at the highest level so that it does not suffer damage or trouble. Even in some cases, the employer is willing to have fewer facilities, but the same facilities are 100% responsive. A product offers many features in a semi-finished form and some features do not work.
So this category is looking for products that will work for you for several years without any problems.

2. Services and warranty

The next priority for choosing a smart product is the services that the company that provides smart products gives you, and these services should be at their highest, because these people like to talk to the company at any time of the day or night when they encounter a problem or case. And their problem will be solved in the shortest time, not to be delayed for a few days.

Also, considering that they have spent a lot of money on smartphones, they would like to take advantage of the golden and free services and warranty for a long time, so they should work with well-known companies whose services and warranties are known. By researching previous customers, it is possible to understand not the words and definitions of the company itself

3-Product features

Another important priority for the owners of these buildings is the interesting but practical features of the smart home. They like to make the used product easier for them and do a lot of things with the smart system, for example, someone who makes a duplex project for their use. When he goes upstairs at bedtime at night and immediately notices that the lights or cooling systems on the downstairs heating system do not have to go back downstairs, he uses his cell phone to control the downstairs. This is one of the simple features. The smart home system.

4- Product appearance

Having the desired product has a luxurious and modern look is also one of the important priorities and should change the unit and home decoration. To do this, you should use stylish and special products with excellent materials such as glass, metal and stone to hang on the wall. Show off and also make them stand out so that they are clear at first glance and show off to catch the eye of the guests. Even some products should have an unusual and strange look so that the guests ask questions about the product. Ask.

5. Applied interface and usage

Because the person is supposed to use this product, the way to use the system should be simple for the person and it should be such that every person of any age can easily work with the system because there are some systems that are there. Good looks and quality are very complex to use and the trained user and an elderly person living in the house should not be able to easily turn on the room lights and have problems, so simplicity in using the system is one of the important priorities of the system. It’s smart.


One of the last priorities for this group of people is the cost of the product because the quality and efficiency of the product is preferable to the price. Of course, there are employers who use the cheap product due to low costs and suffer from many problems, but for that. The category of people who do not sacrifice quality for the price is also important, and the price should not exceed the permissible level of people. These people have other priorities that are much less important and have no place in this article.

Conclusion :

For these people, it is necessary to consider products that are at the highest level in terms of efficiency and quality, and to provide them with services and facilities to the extent that the person is in absolute comfort and reliability in terms of product quality.
He also understood the facilities of these people and provided only the same facilities and did not complicate the system too much and delivered the user interface so that both young people and the elderly could use the facilities of the system.
You can contact the consultants of Haika Engineering Group for free building intelligent building consulting so that the best and most suitable systems can be introduced to you according to your priorities.

بهینه سازی مصرف انرژی در ساختمان