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Smart consultation

If you are looking for (smart building consulting), then you will most likely be in the following two categories:

1. You are an electrician or a building contractor

2. You have a building under construction and you want to make it smart

If you are in the first category and as a building electrician you want to get information about building smart building and smart home, we will try to help you by choosing questions and answers in this field, ie choosing the best smart home.
And if you are building a building and you want to make the building smarter and you have searched for this phrase, then we are sure that you have met several different companies or products to make your building smarter, and now you are in the difficult decision stage of which brand. Or choose a company

Building Intelligence Consulting (Smart Home Consulting)

Hard but important decision:

I give you the right not to make an easy decision, but know that you have to make an important decision because it may provide you with a good choice and a good profit, and a lot of facilities and comfort, and vice versa, with a bad choice. And don’t worry too much, so don’t rush to make a decision and make the best choice in consultation with experts. We are by your side to give you smart advice on which smart system to choose.

مشاوره هوشمند سازی ساختمان
مشاوره هوشمند سازی ساختمان

Important and influential points in the smart home:

In a smart home, there are different topics to decide on, depending on the topic and the priority of each can be the best choice, but the important point is that the priorities of each person are different. The average area is different from the person who sells the building in a luxury neighborhood, and the same person will have different priorities from the person who builds the building for personal use.

Therefore, priorities must be identified and decided accordingly.

Prioritize requirements:

The first step in smartening counseling is to prioritize customer demands. In general, people who want to make building smarter are divided into three categories, each of which will have different priorities.
So the priorities of these people are listed:
Quality, Price, Appearance, Features, Value for Price, Warranty, Services, Performance, Smart Home Implementation, etc.

A) People who intend to build and sell buildings in the secondary areas of the city

The purpose of these people is to use smart and smart home to increase the facilities and increase the beauty of the building in a way that attracts customers to buy units faster and even increase the price of the building. As a result, it is more profitable for the manufacturer, so special priorities must be considered for these people.

So one of the most important things to consider when discussing Rajab Intelligence Consulting is what your goal is to make your home or building smarter.

1- Price of intelligent system:

The cost of smartening
Return of capital with smart intelligence

The first priority for this group of people is the price of the intelligent system or intelligent equipment, which should be to the extent that it does not exceed the cost of the building too much, so for this group of people, the products should be kept to a minimum. Or the most appropriate pricing mode.

The important thing for these people is to know that the implementation of a proper smart system will undoubtedly be profitable for them, because it will both increase the price of the property and make a very good distinction with the surrounding and rival properties.
Also, this category can equip a part of the building, for example, only the hall and the kitchen, and equip these parts.

The smart home counselors group in Isfahan offers you various plans in the smartening counseling session so that you can have the best efficiency based on your budget.

2. Value (value added)

The second thing to consider in smart consulting is the value of smart products. That is, by specifying the value of the product, you can make a smart choice.

This means that the products that are used for smartening will make a profit for the manufacturer, so that in one step it can increase the selling price of the unit, and for example, if you spend 5 million Tomans for each unit, the unit sales will be 10. Increase of one million tomans means 5 million tomans of profit for the manufacturer and in the next step, the intelligent system makes the desired unit more attractive than the similar units built in the same area and makes the unit sell faster and as a result. Faster return of capital to the manufacturer.

3. Product appearance

Definition of building intelligence
Stylish appearance of touch products

The third priority for this group of people is the appearance of smart devices. In order for customers to be attracted to units for sale, the systems used must have a stylish and modern look so that it attracts the customer’s attention and the customer enjoys seeing that product and enjoys it. He likes the unit.

So try to use luxury products with different colors, for example, on a completely white wall, use black and dark products to show off and attract the viewer’s attention.

4- Smart home facilities

Another important issue to be discussed in smart consulting is the consideration of facilities. In introducing the building at the moment of sale and presentation of the unit, the facilities are very important and the facilities of the smart home can attract the customer’s attention because So-and-so’s stone, so-and-so’s brand ceramics and so-and-so’s cabinets are always and in every building. Here the winner is the one who can talk about special and new features. Control the heating of the unit before reaching the house Will be sharp for this unit.

5- How to run smart home wiring

Another important issue from the builders’ point of view is how to implement a system and when to implement it, because sometimes the speed of building a building is very important and the builder does not want to delay the completion of the project by choosing a system. Have a high performance and do not prolong the project time.

مشاوره هوشمند سازی ساختمان

6- Product quality (smart equipment)

Unfortunately, one of the last priorities for this group of people is the quality of the product.

Because some manufacturers do not care about the quality of the product and, as they say, it is enough to work in the sales phase of the system, then it is with the buyers, while choosing a quality product will satisfy the customer and increase new customers.

7- Services and warranty of smart products

In smart building consulting sessions, the most common question most smart home customers ask is how many years do your smart products have a warranty?

Because the services of the provider and the warranty company can also be the winner so that they can also provide it to their customer, of course, there are cases when the manufacturer wants to reduce the price against the warranty period, ie the product with 4 years warranty with It requires a 10% discount and a 2-year warranty to reduce costs.

Conclusion :

For this group of people, we can consider semi-intelligent or purely tactile systems that make the building more luxurious only in terms of appearance, or semi-intelligent systems that can provide interesting facilities at a very low cost, of course. Try not to underestimate the quality of the product, which means that if the price of a good quality product rises, you can run part of the building instead of the whole building.