Schneider Merten M-Smart Switch and Socket 1

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With its simple design and modern appearance, M-Smart M-smart switches and sockets are a good choice for all architectural styles and different tastes.

Earthy and simple electrical outlet
The key to a conversion bridge with lighting
The key to a simple conversion bridge
The key to the two bridges
Bell chassis with lighting
Timer chassis with lighting
Two-line single-telephone telephone socket
Eight-line dual-phase telephone socket (Rottenberg)
Antenna antenna with two TVs, R
Antenna socket three Fishe TV, R, SAT
Bucker built-in alarm
Musical Beazer Bell
Cat6e single-plug network socket
Cat6e two-plug socket outlet
Dimmer 600 watts
Dimmer 1000 watts
Single thought socket
Two-tone audio outlet
Door power outlet
Double chassis chassis
Single frame
Double box
Triple box
Four frames
Five staff



Merten M-Smart

Merten M-Smart – a switch series that is worthy of its

name. An ingenious combination of straightforward,

clearly-defined shapes and high-quality surfaces.

With its timelessly elegant appearance – covering everything

from the rocker switch to the practical time switch

for controlling window blinds – Merten M-Smart fits into

every taste and style of living. And not only because the

range of colours and frame combinations can be mixed

and matched according to your own individual requirements.

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