Schneider key and socket, Merten, Artec 7 series design system

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Schneider Schneider German socket switch socket Artek design system

schneider, merten artec

Frames of a house up to 5 houses – sockets

Artec with its modern and minimalist design taken from

The lines are smooth, precise and elegant, the needs of architecture

Modern excellent and ideal for installation in the spectrum

It meets a wide range of locations. Artak,

With high manufacturing quality of stainless steel

Combined with bountiful rocker wood, including

Morten’s prominent keys and indicators.

Beautiful lines used in Schneider model key and socket design

Merten Artek creates an undeniable effect. Attractiveness

Its permanence is a combination of form and narrow lines; In that sense

This model meets all the needs of modern architecture

It is suitable for installation in all places.

This model has a wide range of colors and raw materials from standard to

Includes medium / high. Schneider model switch and socket

Artek suitable for home use and

They are non-domestic (such as hotels, offices and schools).


Antique series switches and sockets in the following colors:

Polar white

White – cream

Aluminum Color – Aluminum

Stainless steel


Earthy and simple electrical outlet
The key to a conversion bridge with lighting
The key to a simple conversion bridge
The key to the two bridges
Bell chassis with lighting
Timer chassis with lighting
Two-line single-telephone telephone socket
Eight-line dual-phase telephone socket (Rottenberg)
Antenna antenna with two TVs, R
Antenna socket three Fishe TV, R, SAT
Bucker built-in alarm
Musical Beazer Bell
Cat6e single-plug network socket
Cat6e two-plug socket outlet
Dimmer 600 watts
Dimmer 1000 watts
Single thought socket
Two-tone audio outlet
Door power outlet
Double chassis chassis
Single frame
Double box
Triple box
Four frames
Five staff

Merten Artec is

already regarded

as a classic.


clear design and

consistent form.

Merten Artec

Merten Artec makes an unmistakable impression. Its

timeless appeal combines a clean use of form with a

slimline appearance. This means that the series meets

the demands of modern architecture superbly and is ideal

for installation in a wide range of locations

Limitless options

Our switch ranges feature all kinds of functions and so on

offer the best solutions for all ranges of application

whether they be in private homes, offices, hotels,

hospitals, schools or other institutions.

We would like to take a few examples to give you an

insight into the great variety of functions in our switch


The system principle – Switch system Merten Artec

With a large variety of functions, the three designs

variants Merten Artec, Merten Antique and Merten

Trancent combines to create a very broad product

range. Change the switch range the easy way: The

inserts fit all the different design variants. Just change

the frame and it’s done.

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