Schneider key and socket, Merten, Antic 1 series design system

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Morten Schneider German switch and socket, antique series

schneider, merten antic

Schneider Anti-Bridge Single Bridge Keys, Single House Box Up to 5 Houses

Color: bronze – gold – cream

Morten Germany’s antique series products with its classic design, that

It has unparalleled elegance and beauty, a good choice for

Luxury houses with classic architectural style.

In the series of Schneider anti-key models you can combine

The colors used in the scenes are a special beauty to the space of your home



Antique series switches and sockets in the following colors and materials:

Antique Brass
Polished Brass


Earthy and simple electrical outlet
The key to a conversion bridge with lighting
The key to a simple conversion bridge
The key to the two bridges
Bell chassis with lighting
Timer chassis with lighting
Two-line single-telephone telephone socket
Eight-line dual-phase telephone socket (Rottenberg)
Antenna antenna with two TVs, R
Antenna socket three Fishe TV, R, SAT
Bucker built-in alarm
Musical Beazer Bell
Cat6e single-plug network socket
Cat6e two-plug socket outlet
Dimmer 600 watts
Dimmer 1000 watts
Single thought socket
Two-tone audio outlet
Door power outlet
Double chassis chassis
Single frame
Double box
Triple box
Four frames
Five staff

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