KNX Power Supply Interra

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Input Module

Code: ITR102 – ITR104 – ITR106

• Connect ordinary keys to become smart keys or connect sensors such as door and window magnets

Has 2 years warranty and 5 years after sales service


KNX Power Supply Interra

Power Supply, 160mA…..ITR900-116
Power Supply, 320Ma…. ITR900-132
Power Supply, 640mA…. ITR900-164


  • Uses of this device:

    Power supply and signal transmission in a KNX line with a maximum of 16, 32 and 64 devices

    Can be used as a separate power supply with 30 VDC output and maximum current of 160, 320 and 640 mA

    Protection against short circuit, increase load and increase temperature

    Has LEDs indicating normal or emergency conditions (short circuit or load increase)

    This device is installed in the electrical panel and it is necessary to observe the technical and protective principles in its installation and configuration.

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Devices: ITR900-164
Power Supply:230 VAC(+/- %10)
Power Consumption (Max): 55 W (ITR900-164)
30 W (ITR900-132)
21 W (ITR900-116)
Power Consumption (Typical): 24 W (ITR900-164)
12.5 W (ITR900-132)
6.6 W (ITR900-116)
Rated Current (Total):640 mA (ITR900-164)
320 mA (ITR900-132)
160 mA (ITR900-116)
Rated Voltage:30 VDC
Type of Protection:IP 20
Temperature Range: Operation(-5°C…45°C)
Storage (-25°C…55°C)
Maximum Air Humidity:< 90 RH
Dimensions:70x90x66 (WxLxH)



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