IR Emitter Interra

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IR Emitter Interra ……. ITR420-001
The IR transmitter is the IR signal transmitter that allows you to manage all devices with TV, DVD, air conditioning and infrared.
The IR transmitter has a maximum of 150 global IR codes and 810 AC IR codes.


IR EMITTER …. ITR420-001


1. A very efficient device for sending IR commands

2- This device has been prepared and produced in order to coordinate and communicate with devices that are made of infrared technology such as DVD-TV-SPLIT.

3- It has five modes;
-single mode
-repeat mode
-sequence mode
-climate control
-current detection

4- It has 150 universal codes and 81 IR-AC codes.

5- It has 4 ports which are marked with the letters A-B-C-D.

6. This part is made in accordance with the EU standard EMC and with full observance of electrical safety.

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