Interra EIO Module Controller 2

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Electronic module, used in home automation systems

. Light control, curtain (220 V and 24V), heating system
. Fan Coil Control (4pipe), (2pipe) *
. It has digital input and output channels (I / O) that are configured according to the needs of the project.
. Variety in the number of input-output channels (8, 12 and +12 dimers)
. Direct connection to city electricity and no need for power supply
. High power (up to 16 amps per channel)
. Ability to connect to the touch panel and smart keys Interra
. Ability to disconnect and reconnect each channel separately
. Ability to connect to a dimmer (300 W) * and the ability to control the brightness level for each channel
. Ability to implement a variety of scenarios and the ability to execute timed scenarios
. Ability to categorize channels and …


EIO product, that runs integrated with Hotel Management System, provides solutions needed at hotels

EIO product has 12 inputs and 12 outputs. EIO product can be added with sensor modules dedicated to temperature, humidity, water,and flood conditions. EIO product can run as stand-alone, or in an IP-network along with Interra Touch-Panel and Interra Server SW solutions. All I/Os can be modified according to project’s requirements. Combinations of I/Os are controlled through logic operators.Time controls could also be made through pre-time and post-time structuring.

 Power Supply : 0.9W

 Number of binary inputs : 12

 Number of binary outputs : 12

 Water Flood Sensor : 1

 Digital Sensors : 2x Temperature and Humidity

 Input Voltage : 100-250VAC@50Hz

 Contact Capacity : Inrush type (16A, Inrush current 100A)

 Type of protection : IP 20

 Ambient temperature range : – 10°C?70 °C

 Mounting : DIN Rail

 Dimensions 60x91x158 mm (HxWxD) ? 9 DIN units

 Weight : 390gr

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