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Interra Combo Module controllers

. Lighting control, curtains (220 V and 24V), heating system (via ETS program)
. 4pipe control, (2pipe)
. Has a variety of channels (4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24)
. High power (up to 16 amps per channel)
. Ability to disconnect and reconnect each channel separately
. Engine control (left turn – right turn) for all relays
. Ability to implement a variety of scenarios on relays
. Ability to execute timed scenarios
. Ability to categorize channels and …
. It has a physical error button (red LED) on the device to check the KNX network and status
The controller is at the addressing time.
. It is possible through the push buttons on the manual control device.
. The LED button indicates the status of each output, when green is on and otherwise on
Shows off. Interra Yonnet Combo Module
Smart relays


KNX products make areas more controllable, providing more time for fun.

KNX products provide all hardware & software solutions needed in smart buildings with ease. With top quality hardware they posess, KNX products make it possible to reach the most convenient solution for projects and also increase comfort of life spaces while decreasing energy costs.

 Power Supply : EIB Power Supply

 Power Consumption : Maximum 0.3 W

Number of outputs : 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24

Output Current : 16A@250VAC, 80A inrush

Mode of commissioning : S-Mode

Type of Inputs : Dry Contact Inputs

Type of protection : IP 20)

Temperature Range : Operation (- 10°C ?70 °C)

Storage : (- 25°C ?100 °C)

Maximum air humidity : <90 RH

Flammability : Non-flammable product

Mounting : DIN Rail

Dimensions : 4/8 outs: 105x90x65mm (WxHxD) ? 6 DIN units

Certification : 12/16 outs: 171x90x64mm (WxHxD) ? 10 DIN units

  : 20/24 outs: 247x90x64mm (WxHxD) ? 15 DIN units

  : EIB-Certified

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