Smart villa

What are the benefits of villa intelligence?

The emergence of new technologies is a tangible and obvious thing that we see every day. The security of the villa is what makes the need for a smart system more prominent and highlights the importance of using such systems.
The North Villa is a place to have fun, a building you buy expensively and probably stay away most days of the year, so the safety of such a place is undoubtedly important and requires special attention.
With smart systems, villa control becomes easy, you manage your villa while you’re miles away from your villa and in another city. We suggest you stay with us until the end.

?What is a smart villa system and what does it do

Today’s topic is Villa Intelligence. These smart systems, which are designed to manage villas and other buildings, are abbreviated to BMS, control systems that help you remotely control the villa, and monitor its security. The operation of such devices depends on a controller, which owes its control to the Internet. This controller is a combination of several hardware and plays a role through powerful software. If we want to clarify the issue more clearly, we have to say that all the coordination is done through a central control unit, which is generally a computer. As the owner of the villa, you will manage the affairs of your smartphone. Your phone sends commands to the central unit, which executes the commands exactly.
The BMS system requires multiple cameras and sensors to be used throughout the villa to perform its functions.

Overview of the benefits of villa intelligence

The smart system is not the only tool to control the security of the villa, different parts of the villa can be managed through such systems that cooling and heating system is one of the above. We know that the humidity in the north is high, which makes it very time consuming to heat the villa in winter or to cool it down in winter.
Suppose you are traveling north in hot weather. If your villa is smart, you can turn on the air conditioning system before reaching the villa, and in the winter, before reaching the villa, put the heaters in ON mode, adjust the central engine room, control the chillers and Change pumps, air conditioners, and the like over and over again. Such capabilities make your life easier and more comfortable, but also reduce energy consumption.

The benefits of smart villas do not end there, with the help of this new technology, you can turn off the lights of the villa at certain times or at a certain time, you can set the hours so that the lights are turned on and off automatically without control and control. . In other words, all of these systems have the ability to do things automatically, except that you can change the settings remotely. These systems control the entrances and exits of the villa, warn of danger in the event of a gas leak, and remind you of problems with electricity and water.

Tube bursting is another problem that can be detrimental to your absence. Some villa owners anticipate such calamities and drain the water in the pipe well before leaving the villa, with the aim of preventing the same thing from happening. And don’t worry about them. Some also have to turn on heating systems in the cold season to make it impossible for the water pipe to explode, however this method will come at a cost. So it is not a lie to say that smart villas are tantamount to reducing energy and even fuel.