Smart schools

هوشمندسازی مدارس

Smart schools

School smartening can be defined as a kind of planning of the needs of an educational center that increases the positive and genius of students.

Around the world, school smartening has become so widespread that its quality and type have been considered by school principals.
The efficiency of the systems and the proper use of all school people, including educational and administrative colleagues,
Parents and students are important points in smartening new schools.
An important criterion for choosing a school is the quality and efficiency of the school.
Competitive view of nonprofit schools to improve the quality and quantity of their activities
In recent years, parents’ expectations of their children’s education have increased, so parents are looking for the best option for school.

The top school is evaluated with different criteria that we must pay attention to two points:

First, these criteria are usually set by their target community, parents and students.
Second, the standards of a top school have changed dramatically in recent years in the eyes of parents and students.

If we want to look at the smartening of schools differently, it is better to note that the world’s leading schools have learned that the stability of a collection lies in changing it.
If they have an educational plan, they should upgrade it every year, change it, and even remove it at a time depending on the circumstances.
Even if they do an activity for years on end, that activity is worn out, and even the teachers who carry out that project are reluctant to implement new ideas and creativity.
Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.
But after he loses his motivation due to age or not updating his teaching methods and information, he will become exhausted.
Because of this, the schools with a brilliant history, which were known only with the focus on prominent teachers,
But after years, they became exhausted because of their reliance on the same teachers.
The superior teachers, who were once the strengths of the series, will now be part of the weaknesses of the series.
If that school had updated itself every year, it would not have neglected today’s up-to-date and simple technologies.
Certainly, not only did the teachers of the collection benefit from the convenience and up-to-date technology, but they also did not face a setback.

هوشمندسازی مدارس
هوشمندسازی مدارس
مدرسه هوشمند

The process of smartening schools

In 1379, schools and educational complexes have been improved in terms of quality and education, and the collection of knowledge-based engineering companies has greatly contributed to this.
With the introduction of this set of companies, space was created for education to become competitive in such a way that schools tried to keep themselves up to date and to improve the quality of education in order to compete to attract students and gain satisfaction from the first. Have done.
In today’s world, high school is a trend that is constantly changing based on innovation and technology.

It should be noted that all justified schools in the country are governed by a strong leadership group, whose policies will determine the future direction of the school and students.

Top school principals choose a system that makes activities accurate, fast, and efficient.

School principals should keep in mind that if schools are smart, if they don’t choose the right system, not only will their school not be smart, but their traditional system will be weaker than in the past.
Clearly, if they make the wrong choice, in addition to not getting anything, they will lose what they have.
The founders and principals of schools and educational complexes always pay attention to creating the best performance for the school.
To achieve this goal, they must use intelligent counselors who are fully aware of schooling.

Today, with the advancement of science and technology, one of the concerns of education in Iran is to create a suitable environment for creating an educational environment and
Smart learning is in line with modern technology to educate students in schools, which is the second home for children.

In fact, school smartening is one of the important achievements in the process of education programs, which has good benefits and results, and will be a new development in education along with the real experiences of the students’ living environment and their future.

Of course, all schools in the country need minimal computers and simple technology that students and teachers, and even administrative staff, must be equipped with.
It is very simple to say that a standard school is a school whose control and management is based on computer and network information technology, which is organized in a systematic system in order to learn and improve management rather than the teaching staff. And administratively prepare the collection and students for the information age.

School goals in smartening

The most important goals of schools are the comprehensive growth of students (mental, physical, emotional and psychological), the promotion of individual abilities and capabilities, the training of thoughtful and familiar human resources in technology.
Turning traditional schools into smart schools will make it an advanced learning organization for students, teachers, and administrative and educational staff, and this excellent trend could lead to the advancement of the country’s scientific levels in the future, which should not be overlooked.
Because the basis for the progress, development and growth of a country is provided by the children and adolescents of that country. And this fact is not hidden from the eyes of any body in the country, and everyone is aware of this very important matter, and the influential body of education is doing its best to make this happen.

What is certain is that it will take some time in Iran to make schools smarter than policy-making.
However, it is worth noting that this route is progressing every day and it is progressing faster every year.

Structural factors necessary for the realization of school smartening depending on the number of computers in the school, the number and type of software available and the amount of use, computer literacy of the teacher and the courses in which the computer is used the most.
A smart school needs a revolution in its site system to become truly smart.

Unfortunately, in schools, officials are involved in administrative processes and miss out on the main goal.
School intelligence, which used to make sense with the purchase of hardware equipment, has changed a lot now, and school principals are thinking about what systems they can use to perform better than school.