Smart parking management system

سیستم مدیریت هوشمند پارکینگ

Traffic and lack of parking space and parking are the main causes of confusion and boredom for drivers in most cities, especially large cities. Not surprisingly, smart parking management services are one of the first ideas to solve the problem of parking and urban traffic management.
We are in a world where the world is moving towards smart Internet and IoT development in all areas. In such areas, smart parking management services, as an innovative and smart solution, are necessary to build smart cities.

When planning to build smart city infrastructure, paying attention to smart parking management systems is one of the most important programs that should be considered by government officials, IT managers and innovative executives, operation managers and project owners.

Different levels of parking facilities can affect traffic efficiency and urban quality of life. Improper decisions and non-standard management have an adverse effect on the urban traffic system, damaging the environment, increasing construction costs and hindering economic progress. After decades and increasing the number of cars and the lack of enough space for the park, and ultimately the high cost of parking facilities, a careful assessment of the management and location of the parking lot was necessary. Transportation policymakers have paid more attention to parking in recent years, calling it a potential mechanism for resolving existing traffic problems and urban congestion. This has led to extensive research on various aspects of parking and the demand for smart parking.

پارکینگ هوشمند - pms
سیستم مدیریت هوشمند پارکینگ

In the intelligent parking management system, equipment such as vehicle detection and detection sensors with direction detection, height detection sensors to prevent the entry of vehicles with excessive height and control of ramps, smart and dynamic displays with RGB color capability and of course Equipment management systems use equipment such as barrier gates, image processing cameras (to detect car license plates and driver’s images), cardholders and receivers, and more.

Given the growing trend of energy production costs and limited resources, it seems necessary to use systems that optimize energy consumption, including in parking lots. At the same time, smart management systems, in addition to optimizing energy consumption, should provide security, well-being, and easy access for the user. Today, in developed and developing countries, intelligent parking management systems, or smart parking, has become one of the most important tools in urban management.

pms  پارکینگ هوشمند