Residential intelligence

هوشمند سازی منزل مسکونی

Kianik Smart Home Services

Work in a comfortable and modern way with the security and safety of the building

• Due to the lack of energy resources in the world, the need to manage and control builders in such a way that less energy is consumed more efficiently, is possible by providing intelligent building control strategies.

• The KNX protocol combines all building control systems to give the user integrated and comprehensive control and is the only Open-Standard standard in the world in the field of building technologies and home automation of smart home, which over time according to new needs. The user can be upgraded.

• Create unlimited and desirable scenarios and design all the things you expect from the smart home system of your home. , Eating, watching TV and entertaining guests and …

• Ability to turn on and off lights and appliances using smart keys in the smart home

• Ability to dim and illuminate all lights

• Ability to control air conditioning, cooling and heating systems and electric curtains

• Ability to control all devices via remote control and (Apple and Android – iOS) Wi-Fi

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