Office intelligence

هوشمند سازی مراکز اداری تجاری

Smart office and business centers

Today, the need to make business and office centers smarter with the breadth of demand and user needs is felt more than ever.

The intelligence of these centers, in addition to giving the buyer a sense of calm and modernity, brings a sense of security and comfort to all sellers. So that without wasting time and energy, they will focus all their attention on managing the business or office unit in a stronger way and in a healthier competitive environment, and will welcome their customers in a beautiful and modern place.

Maintaining energy resources and preventing their waste, in addition to optimizing and growing the community, is also an important and vital compulsion for commercial complexes in terms of cost, and its optimal control with intelligent systems will be possible in the best possible way.

Smart administrative and commercial centers

In the field of administrative and commercial centers, the following services are mainly provided in the field of smart management:

  • Smart lighting management of all common areas of commercial complexes and office centers
    Intelligent lighting control of interior and exterior facades of commercial office complexes
    Intelligent control of engine cooling and heating
    Smart control of electrical and electrical appliances
    Smart parking control and vehicle entry and exit based on integrated management and intelligent parking allocation for clients
    Intelligent security system control
    Smart control of large TVs and video systems
    Smart control of fire alarm and extinguishing system
    Smart control of fire systems
    Smart gas leak control and main valve shutdown
هوشمند سازی مراکز اداری تجاری
هوشمند سازی مراکز اداری تجاری
  • Connect smart systems to the central portal of the complex
    Connecting the security systems of commercial and administrative units to police stations
    Smart control of emergency exit routes in the event of an accident or danger
    Control smart systems with a predetermined schedule
    Smart control of all elevators and escalators
    Control of network and wireless systems
  • Automatic lighting control with the ability to detect the intensity of light
    Advanced video surveillance systems and advanced remote monitoring systems
    Separate separation of energy consumption (water, electricity and gas) and reporting of energy consumption and cost of each unit
    Smart facility management and troubleshooting