Hotel intelligence

هوشمندسازی هتل

Intra yonnet hotel intelligence

Smart hotel control solution
System logic:

After entering the room and placing the card in the holder card, the user activates the login scenario, then the brightness and fan coil will be in the login scenario mode and at the same time the room status will change from empty to full on the Receptionist monitor.
The user has the ability to control all lines individually or according to the Bed Side panel.
After the guest presses the Do not Disturb button or Clean my room, the command sent on the DND panel is displayed behind the room door. Receptionist immediately receives the message for each room number.
After removing the card from the holder card, all the lighting and fan coil lines will be turned off, and due to the protection of electrical systems, especially the “fan coil”, this operation will be delayed and the status of the room on the Receptionist monitor will be empty. It will change the situation.
If you open the window, the smart system will turn off the fan coils automatically after a one-minute (adjustable) pause.

هتل هوشمند

System structure:

By placing the EIO controller inside the electrical panel of each room and connecting all inputs and outputs, including:

1- Lighting
2- All On / Off Thermostats
3- Sensors
4- DND (door bell, Clean my room, Do not disturb)
5- Holder card
6- Window magnet
And …


All room operators will be provided to the guests intelligently and with easy use.
Also, by connecting network ports to EIO controllers, all the items required in the Reception section can be monitored and controlled.
In the case of room keys, you can use traditional or special hotel keys with different brands or touch keys or buttons designed based on the wishes of the hotel along with the hotel logo.
It should be noted that due to the variety of products in the brand, the design and quality of the selected equipment can be changed in the pre-invoice.