About KNX

The KNX / EIB International Standard was established by the KNX Institute in 1997 for the implementation and implementation of smart buildings. Open standard protocol is considered in the field of home automation systems. Currently, more than 200 reputable companies in the KNX protocol have their own intelligent equipment, including lighting control systems, electric curtain control, air conditioning, sound systems, open door systems, intercom system and security systems, etc. Offer to customers. Ability to use smart in any building use, including residential, office, villa, commercial, hotel, schools, etc. for ideal management to reduce energy consumption, high speed of sending and receiving information, remote control via telephone And the Internet, increasing the life of equipment and also the ability to combine different brands with this protocol is applicable.

The KNX / EIB system is a smart system for installing building electrical equipment that creates comfortable, safe and flexible life through automated performance technology or remote control. The condition for using this system is the prediction of the equipment in the construction drawing stage.

Experts familiar with this system can plan almost any instruction for the system. An important feature of the KNX / EB smart system is that it can be expanded at any time without any malfunctions or noise. If new system performance is expected, this will be easily programmable.

Smart system capabilities

Easy to use technology is a very important feature for it. A finger pressure is equal to the performance of light scenarios. With the help of a smart sound system in all rooms and spaces, you can enjoy music or coordinate the protection functions of the building and the user against the sunlight on the south side of the building or more illuminated parts.
A set of solutions will increase the level of security in villas and apartments. For example, smoke sensors can be connected to a smart system, so that when residents are asleep, if one of the sensors gives an alarm, they can be sure that not only will the residents wake up, but the lights in all rooms will be turned on and the curtains will be raised. To open the escape routes.
The smart system can also simulate the presence of the landlord in the home in a security situation. In this way, during the days and nights when the occupants of the house are absent (for example, traveling), some of the lights are accidentally turned on and off in different rooms and spaces and then turned off so that the thieves are not aware of the absence of the occupants.

This ultra-modern system provides the user with many practical features and provides maximum comfort to raise living standards. Facilities that enable, for example, the elderly and the disabled to be able to cope with the day-to-day affairs of life for a long time without the need for help from others.

KNX is a global standard for controlling home and building systems

The KNX Association was formed in the late 1990s to achieve a common global standard. The association began with nine members, an increase to 150 by early 2009. Currently, KNX member associations produce about 7,000 different products with KNX tags around the world.

Successful KNX statistics:

  • More than 150 member companies
  • Presence in more than 70 countries
  • More than 21,000 ETS software users
  • 100 training centers in different parts of the world
  • 40 scientific and educational partners and collaborators

Advantages of KNX protocol:

1. Supports multiple transfer media
2. High quality products under KNX standard
3. Ability to work with products from different manufacturers with KNX tags in a project
4. Create a common language called ETS software
5. Ability to control a variety of home appliances and buildings
6. KNX protocol suitable for use in various structures
7. Ability to communicate with other systems

Global Standard for Home and Building Control

Introducing KNX

  • Open standard with 20 years of experience
  • Developed by the European Standardization Association
  • Made on the basis of simple, practical and principled communication between electrical devices
  • The main standard used in intelligent building with various uses
  • Very simple connection of control equipment via KNX cable
  • (0.8 × 2. 2) of JYSTY type
  • Supports various control systems
  • (Lighting, cooling and heating, security, etc.)
  • Ability to interact and adapt to other protocols through the passage
  • Production of equipment compatible with it in more than 200 reputable companies such as ABB and SIEMENS
  • Separation of power and command circuits
  • The use of various variables in control logic such as time, climate change, the presence or absence of residents and …
  • Benefits of KNX

  • Using the latest technology in building intelligence (High Tech)
  • Optimize energy consumption with savings, economic returns
  • Increase efficiency, high efficiency
  • Ability to control the system seamlessly
  • Define a variety of applied scenarios and control logics
  • Use IP network platforms
  • High speed data sending and receiving
  • Remote control capability by phone and Internet
  • High safety and security
  • More flexibility (conversions and simple changes) than similar protocols
  • Increase equipment life
  • The beauty and variety of the product while adapting to any type of decoration