Interra Intelligence

Interra control panel touch capabilities

You don’t have to deal with dozens of smart control systems in your home.
You can easily control the lighting, heating system, shutters and alarm systems with one display.
You can enable all of these before you leave home and leave with complete confidence in the security of your home.


With just one panel, you can both achieve the desired brightness in the environment and save energy.


Systems that are not in use should not be a source of unnecessary energy consumption. With Interra ventilation facilities, you can schedule the operation of the ventilation. Interra also has the ability to adapt and integrate with the systems in your building.

Video door opener and interconnection

  • Ability to connect touch panel with door input panel, connection between unit and communication with my lobby phone (under VOIP standard)
    Ability to control multiple doors via smartphones and tablets (even outside the home)


Control all the components of your home through the panel and when leaving the house with a hint.

Ads and invoices

Send and receive messages from the lobby unit and vice versa – you can receive all the invoices and building costs, as well as the building’s advertisements in an instant.

Economic and financial markets

You can get instant information from the central bank to guide your investments by tracking exchange rate and gold changes.

Weather forecast

You can instantly access local and international weather information.

Define unlimited scenarios

All of the above scenarios are activated by a single call when leaving or reaching home. You even have the opportunity to schedule them and enjoy what is happening in your desired time.

Lobby services

In the Interra features menu, you can have the facilities of a hotel at home. Taxi for guests, janitor for daily cleaning of the house, waiter for the car and …

Surveillance cameras

  • You will be able to monitor all network CCTV cameras at any time with the touch panel.
    Also, all cameras can be viewed through the software and on smartphones.

security system

You will be protected from any possible dangers by the residential management program, which is compatible with safety and warning systems. This system can be combined with other electronic systems and will notify you in case of danger and will immediately activate security systems.

Smoke and gas warning system

By connecting the smoke and gas sensors, the smart system starts to warn automatically with the occurrence of gas or smoke leaks, and if necessary, it can automatically cut off the gas valve.

Electric valve control system

By installing the required solenoid valves, all valves can be intelligently controlled.

Communication, messengers

You no longer have to worry about how to communicate with your guests through the smart system. With IP Phone or Video Intercom at the entrance of the building, you can greet or talk to your guests whenever you want.

Road conditions and traffic

You can find the most direct and least traffic route to your destination via internet information about road conditions.

Emergency calls

You can make emergency calls in the shortest time with one click.

Power header control for all electrical appliances

By connecting the headset of the required electrical devices to the smart relays, all the required devices can be turned on or off individually or according to the scenario.

Get a free app:

The user will be able to control and execute all the mentioned items through smartphones by downloading, installing and interra application on android and mac operating systems.
It should be noted that the proposed software is free and easy to install.

General structure of the system:

In the proposed system, all parts inside the units are controlled by protocol and knx standard, and parts such as Intercam CCTV (ip), alarm panel, communication with the lobby, and sending service services are provided through the lan network between the units. .
For this purpose, to implement a complete system of equipment such as:
Switches, Concierge server, Access point, SIP server, IP phone, IP cammera and pc system are required for my lobby.

In the Intra yonnet smart home system, you can take everything under your control.

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