Schneider key and socket, Merten, Antic 1 series design system

Schneider German switch and socket, antique model design system

Single Schneider Anti-Bridge Series Keys

Bronze house 2 frames + cream procedure and bronze procedure

Color: bronze – gold – cream



A switch range that lives up to its name. Merten Antique

has the elegance to match surroundings that need it most –

buildings and rooms in a traditional, classical style.

This switch series is a clear winner, thanks both to the

high-quality materials used and the carefully conceived

colour combinations for frames and inserts.

Style, pure and simple.

Limitless options

Our switch ranges feature all kinds of functions and thus

offer the best solutions for all ranges of application

whether they be in private homes, offices, hotels,

hospitals, schools or other institutions.

We would like to take a few examples to give you an

insight into the great variety of functions in our switch


The system principle – Switch system Merten Antique

With a large variety of functions, the three design

variants Merten Artec, Merten Antique and Merten

Trancent combine to create a very broad product

range. Change the switch range the easy way: The

inserts fit all the different design variants. Just change

the frame and it’s done.