KNX/USB Interface Interra

KNX / USB Interface Interra
Code: ITR901-003
Dual connection of KNX system to laptop to download devices or bus monitoring

Has 2 years warranty and 5 years after sales service

Uses of this device:

The KNX to USB interface is used to connect the KNX bus to the computer.

This module is used to computerize, manage, maintain and control the KNX system by computer.


KNX/USB Interface….ITR901-003


The main application of this device is a two-way connection of a laptop to the KNX system to download devices or monitor information and bass data.
Two-way transmission of KNX signals to some USB protocol support servers

This device supports USB1 and USB2 ports in Standard B and its driver will be installed automatically.

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Device: ITR901-003
Power Supply: EIB Power supply
Power Consumption: < 5 mA (KNX TP line) < 20 mA (USB)
Connections: KNX TP and USB Type B
Mode of Commissioning: S-Mode
Type of Protection:IP 20
Temperature Range:Operation (-5°C…45°C) Storage (-20°C…60°C)
Maximum Air Humidity:< 90RH
Flammability:Non-flammable product
Color: Light grey and white
Dimensions: 90x36x71 mm (WxHxD)
Certification:KNX Certified
Configuration: Configuration with ETS