KNX Line Coupler Interra

Code: ITR901-002
To increase the number of KNX devices in one path

Has 2 years warranty and 5 years after sales service

Through ETS software, the device can be set as a line capler or area or developer of a line (Repeater).

Performance as a line or area capler: This device must be used to connect software (by applying filtration) and electrically isolating the KNX system to a new line (Line) or Area. In this case, you can manage a Filter Table by setting the Filter Table between the two lines or areas.

Performance as a developer: In order to increase the KNX devices of one line to a maximum of 3 sub-lines, in each line it is possible to connect a maximum of 64 KNX devices (ie, to install a maximum of 256 devices in one line).


KNX Line Coupler….ITR901-002


  • Uses of this device:

    1- Line coupler module is used as a line or area connector or as a repeater.

    2. A Line Coupler links a line to an area or an area to a Backbone area and acts as a filter to manage traffic on the bus.

    3- Addressing a coupler line can be in the form of X.X.0 and addressing in the coupler of the area can be in the form of X.0.0. Only these couplers can have such addresses.

    4. When used as a line coupler, it connects a line to the main line. And when used as a backbone coupler, it connects a main line to a backbone line.

    5- The packets can be filtered and only the packets required by other lines can be transferred, so that the network traffic can be controlled.

    6- This module also isolates the lines from each other to prevent the propagation of noise in the network.

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Device: ITR901-002
Power Supply: EIB Power supply
Power Consumption:< 10mA
Connections:KNX TP Main line KNX TP Subline
Mode of Commissioning: S-Mode
Type of Protection: IP 20
Temperature Range: Operation (-5°C…45°C) Storage (-20°C…60°C)
Maximum Air Humidity: < 90RH
Flammability:Non-flammable product
Color:Light grey and white
Dimensions:90x36x71 mm (WxHxD)
Certification:KNX Certified
Configuration:Configuration with ETS