KNX/IP Router Interra

KNX IP / router Interra
Codecala: ITR900-001
Two-way connection of KNX system to network (IP)

Has 2 years warranty and 5 years after sales service

The KNX / IP router is used to transfer data between the KNX protocol and the LAN using the IP protocol.

With this module, equipment with IP address can be entered into the KNX network.

Software that controls the smart system also needs this module. This means that ETS software can communicate with KNX equipment through this module.




  • Uses of this device:

    1- Connecting different lines of KNX system to each other in order to increase the data transfer speed between lines with the ability to manage and filter data (Group Addresses)
    2- Two-way transmission of KNX platform signals to TCP / IP (such as connecting smart servers or monitors to KNX)
    3- Connecting to KNX system via network platform (TCP / IP) to download devices or monitor bass information and data
    The IP Address-4 of the device can be manually adjusted by ETS software or automatically via DHCP server.

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Device:  ITR900-001
Power Supply: EIB Power supply
Power Consumption: < 20mA
Mode of Commissioning: S-Mode
IP Connection: RJ45 Ethernet connector
Type of Protection: IP 20
Temperature Range: Operation (-5°C…45°C)
Storage: (-20°C…60°C)
Maximum Air Humidity < 90RH
Flammability: Non-flammable product
Color: Light grey and white
Dimensions: 90x36x71 mm (WxHxD)
Certification: KNX Certified
Configuration: Configuration with ETS