Hospital intelligence

The growth and development of smart technologies and the impact of this growth in various areas of human life, different environments and conditions for daily work, interaction and use, has made it easier, safer and more pleasant.

One of the areas affected by the growth of smart technologies is the field of public health. In addition to the comfort and convenience of therapists, health centers have improved and improved health indicators in the community and are one of the basic pillars of growth and development.

Hospital automation and intelligent systems by Kianik products provide various capabilities to patients, their companions and hospital staff, so that in the wards of a hospital, the intelligent system can be implemented according to different needs and level of facilities. The areas that can benefit from Kianik’s intelligent systems include patient wards and rooms, corridors, office areas, commons, and so on.

In a hospital, different control goals can be provided, including ambient temperature, lighting, curtains, awnings, and audio and video systems, etc. Each of these goals can be achieved through various modes such as manual control, central control, and so on. Control managed the scenario.

In the following sections, while introducing the main parts of the intelligent Control4 system, it is tried to point out some of its features and capabilities in hospital projects.