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My Design Plus Zennio کلیدهای هوشمند

Touch-MyDesign Plus is an updated version of the original Touch-MyDesign, the KNX multifunction capacitive touch switch from Zennio. Like the classic model, Touch-MyDesign Plus provides a fully customisable solution for the room control, including hotel rooms, offices or any other environment where the user needs to control climate systems, lighting, blinds, scenes, etc. 

The versatility of the above functions is enhanced by the built-in analogue/digital inputs, temperature sensor and thermostat function, and by an elegant and fully customisable design of the front glass – customers can choose their button icons, texts and colours and even personalise the background with their pictures, logos, etc. 

The inexistence of a screen, menus or complex user interaction beyond simply touching the buttons confers the device a notable ease of use.

The most outstanding features of Touch-MyDesign Plus are shown next. 

Fully customisable design of the front glass. 

4 / 6 / 8 main touch buttons (depending on the model), which can operate as individual or pair controls.


5 additional touch buttons, which can operate as individual or joint controls. 

Horizontal or vertical orientation. 

Light indicator (LED) for every button, the state of which (on or off) can depend on different factors according to the user’s needs. 

Buzzer for an audible acknowledgement of user actions (with the possibility of disabling it either by parameter or by object). 

Possibility of locking / unlocking the touch panel through binary orders or scenes, and of setting a timed/automatic locking of the device. 

Welcome Back object (binary or scene), which will be sent to the bus on the first touch of the button panel after a certain (parameterisable) standby period. 

Two analogue/digital inputs (for motion sensors, temperature probes, additional switches, etc.). 

Thermostat function. 

Built-in temperature sensor. 


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