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Zas Zennioکلیدهای هوشمند

ZAS (Zennio Analogue Screen) from Zennio is an elegant and versatile touch panel featuring a wide variety of functions, as well as two thermostats, an infrared receiver and a set of analogue/digital inputs, which makes it a smart solution for controlling home or hotel rooms, offices, or any other environment where climate, lighting, shutters or scenes need to be controlled. 

These are the most outstanding features of ZAS: 

1.8’’ back-lit display with a resolution of 128x64. 

Temperature sensor with thermostat function. 

12 touch buttons. 

Screensaver, showing the current time and temperature (internally measured by ZAS, or provided by an external device) with a letter size suitable for being read several meters away. 

Two opto-coupled inputs, configurable as switches/sensors, temperature probes or motion sensors (note: the latter is only available under the Roll-ZAS application program). 

Two different downloadable application programs: ZAS: this application puts all the functionality of the controller together in a root Menu, which is then divided into several submenus (Thermostat, Security, Scenes, etc.). It is possible to configure the functionality of up to 8 buttons in total, which will carry out different actions, according to the ETS configuration. Moreover, every action over them is confirmed with an easily readable pop-up. For details about this application please refer to its specific user manual, available at 

Roll-ZAS: a more versatile application with an intuitive user interface and with a higher degree of usability and functionality. Information is divided into pages (up to a total of 4 direct-action button pages, as well as specific 



pages: Security, Configuration, etc.). For every page it is possible to configure up to 8 buttons, which will carry out different actions, according to the ETS configuration. Moreover, starting with version 1.1, it is also possible to use the central area of the touch panel as an additional binary control, providing the user with a quick manner of, for example, turning a light source on or off whenever it is required 


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